Ms. Heba

(Little Picassos , Art Studio)

Hello! My name is Heba Gabr. I’m a British Egyptian artist. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, from Alexandria University, Egypt.
I have taken part in several national and international group exhibitions in Egypt, England, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Dubai, Spain and USA. I won Best Arab Expressionist Artist in the World 2018 Award, Art London International Exhibition, United Kingdom.

I have travelled extensively in the Middle East and beyond which has inspired a love of different cultures that is reflected in my art.
I feel my duty, as an artist, is to bring awareness to the importance of humanity.
I am an environmentally conscious person therefore I incorporate eco friendly habits into my life such as reducing single use plastic. I also passionately believe in cooking and eating healthy food like eating rainbow which is all the colorful fruits and vegetables. Some of my hobbies are dancing, reading and swimming.
I am so excited to explore art together through Virtual Learning and discover your own world of art!