Ms. Suki

(Chefs Kitchen)

Hello Students! My name is Chef Suki. I studied Cuisine and Patisserie at Cordon Bleu in London and specialised in Patisserie. I am really forward to building your confidence in your home kitchen by learning how to cook a few recipes from scratch such as Pret-a-Manger’s famous vegan chocolate cookie and safely use our knife skills making Guacamole. My class will be a mixture of ongoing homework projects, such as bread making, fun activities whilst live in class, such as separating eggs, and basics in food safety and hygiene through worksheets and live discussion. This class aims to teach you self-confidence, teamwork and patience dealing with hands on problem solving.

My full name is Sukna Rehayel. I am half British, half Lebanese. I was born in Thailand, graduated high school in Beirut and attended a French cooking school in London. I have a Level 3 award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering alongside a degree in Culinary Management. For this class parental/ adult supervision is mandatory.