Chefs Kitchen (Ages 10-13)

SAR 145.00

  • Teacher: Ms. Suki
  • 1 hour sessions 1 time/week
  • Sunday (4:00 – 5:00 pm)
  • Price: SAR 1000 or $267 for 7 weeks (SAR 145 or $39 for one week)
About the Workshop:

Chef’s kitchen workshop is aimed at introducing children and young teens to the different variables present in a kitchen professionally and at home. The sessions require an adult present in the kitchen during class time to monitor certain appliances or dangerous tools that may need to be used, such as knives, stove tops or ovens. Students will receive agreements that we will all follow as a team alongside a basics equipment guideline for each class. Weekly detailed presentations including equipment, recipes and methods for the week will be sent to parents ahead of time. For every class students are expected to have read through the specific recipe and method for that class and be prepared with all ingredients and equipment to follow along. The weeks are split between two classes, alternating between savoury and sweet dishes. This workshop aims to teach you self-confidence, teamwork and patience dealing with hands on problem solving as well as having a product to serve and enjoy with family and friends

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Our workshops are delivered via Zoom. Three days before the workshops, parents are sent a detailed google slides presentation with the material list, lesson plan information, and the Zoom link.

Students must be prepared with materials and log into the meeting on time.

If you face any technical issues or have any questions, reach out to one of our friendly team members via:

Phone: +(966) 50 626 8660

NOTE on Supplies and Equipment Required:

Necessary equipment in order to attain perfect results throughout the chef’s kitchen workshop includes a digital scale, a blender/hand-blender or food processor, piping bags and nozzles. Different items are required for different recipes and the recipes can all be done without, the purchased items will just ensure presentation and taste relevant to the class. All recipes will be written in g – Grams, this means that for liquid it is the equivalent of ml – Milliliters. If you choose to use an American cup system please use google as a tool for example 65 g flour in cups. Please do this with each ingredient separately as cups are not measured the same for powdered or solid ingredients versus liquid. Eggs are usually 50g apiece, if the recipe says 150g eggs this means it is 3 whole eggs.

Examples of items to purchase for the class:



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